Martial Artists, Not Martial Robots!

We must remember we're talking about Martial Arts, Not Martial Robots. Like any other art form, there is no limit to the creativity of a dancer, sculpture or a painter; the same applies to marial arts, no limit.

UFMA is taught in a way to enable a student to understand the concepts behind techniques. Once a person understands the concepts (taught through a series of exercises) he or she can create thousands of techniques that work for him or her. “WHATEVER WORKS”

UFMA is designed for street combat and to help a person develop into the most productive human being they can be. “The more you know how to protect yourself, the less you have to do, to protect yourself.”

Master Martin does not teach exotic weapons. Aside from knives, guns and sticks; the weapons taught are things that people in our society have with them like pens, keys, clothes, magazines etc. These are the weapons that you want to master, as an extension of your body.

To the uninitiated UFMA training methods may appear to have nothing to do with martial arts. But once you step on the mat or into a class, you discover much more than you ever imagined.

In the old days, if you walked into a martial arts school, an instructor might say “Forget what you know; we′re going to teach you everything you need to know.” In UFMA, we want you to keep everything you know; no matter what style or no style; and add to it.

You are the martial artist.

Self Defense is All About Whatever Works
BGN Business - June 2010
GM Martin talks about his background
in the martial arts